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Born as a new expression of the unique partner dance called the Bop in the early 1970's, the New Bop, or as it is more commonly known, Chicago Steppin' which is rooted in the African-American communities of Chicago evolved to become a symbol of urban sophistication and unity, reflecting the resilience of the community during challenging times. Characterized by its smooth glides, intricate footwork, and elegant partner connections, Steppin' has the unique ability to positively charge the environment, bring the community together, and transform the social setting in any city or community by simultaneously providing a fun-filled atmosphere for networking, social recreation, physical activity, stress relief, and much, much more. Steppin’ is becoming one of the most popular aspects of America's social climate and is gaining popularity at a very rapid pace in many major cities such as Los Angeles, St. Louis, North Carolina, Florida, Indianapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Alabama, and many other heavily populated areas.




Basic Footwork and Turns


​Dynamic Applications

Putting It All Together and Making It Your Own

Footwork photo

                 VFW POST 8621                                    140 Powers Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA 30067

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